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Tashim Lo, majoring in Psychology, received his Bachelor of Arts in psychology in 2020 from Metropolitan University, Minnesota. Tashim is pursuing his Master's program at Saint Mary State University Minnesota. In addition, Tashim holds an Associate degree in Art and an Associate degree in Information Technology and Telecommunications.

Tashim is a passionate solution focused on Westerner Psychology blending with Buddhist Psychology and spirituality. Tashim aims to practice mental health counseling through trilateral historical trauma, recognizing destructive behaviors and destructive mental formation. In addition, one of Tashim's goals is to reach out to the Mong community and give the Mong people the techniques and skills to cope with their mental health.

Tashim is a fellow member of Mong Heritage. Tashim divides his time between mental health, spirituality, and Mong history. Tashim has spent over 11 years researching Mong's ancestry's genealogy compositions.

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