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Mong Heritage is formed to protect, preserve, and promote our culture, heritage, and people, and to do all things appropriate to further such purpose.

Our activities include teaching Mong history, culture/arts, DNA, and cross-cultural histories. We also promote self-sufficiency & well-being, and bring awareness to the public about our historical trauma and mental health issues.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in California, United States of America.

Faajtim Huabtais Mong Kav Ntuj Jingcheng

Executive Team


Mong was recorded in the Bamboo Annals and other ancient textbooks. Mong were northerners during Xia, Shang, and Zhou Dynasties. After the Southerners took over the Yellow River Basin (YRB) during Han Dynasty, Mong mostly lived at the YRB and other northern plains. Our history exists in the Book of Wei, Book of Tang, Book of Yuan and others as northerners who migrated into the south.

Let's come together and tell the world who we are. Don't let others continue to define us as something else. Our people are now classified into many newer ethnic groups. So, let us reconnect everyone.

Due to the "CIA Secret War" of Laos-Vietnam, many Mong became part of the American history and are now part of America. Whether you are grouped under Mongolian, Han, Bulang, Miao, Tu, Chinese, Laotians, Americans, and others, we want to reach out to you. Set aside our differences, unite like our name, and be like our ancestor Faajtim Huabtais. We have great histories so let us preserve our heritage for the younger generations.



During our ancestral kingdoms, Mong ancestors created laws to protect the environment, nature, and to seek welfare for the people. We as Mong descendants must continue to do so to improve the quality of humanity and to uphold the nature rights. Our environment is our home and we must protect the mother earth. Let's keep the water clean, preserve our forests and mountains, and purify the air we breath.


Be knowledgeable about our histories/culture and help us to educate others. Let us protect our Mong history, culture, and heritage; and build our historical and cultural monuments together. Our ancestors had made great histories for us, so join hands to preserve them.

  • One important task is to eliminate the derogatory meaning imposed on our Mong name causing distress to many.
  • Let's restore the Mong humanity by bringing awareness about the misconceptions and cultural suppression on the Mong; and educate everyone that the Mong history and culture are not being taught in the public education yet. We need change to advance inclusion and equity for the Mong people and heritage.
  • Help to bring discussions on historical trauma and mental health in our communities
  • Join hands to create a program to raise awareness for the public and the Mong community to mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually support our elderly aging parents and everyone.


    " Peb npoj Mong dlhau lug nyob ntau chaw. Zoo le cov ntiv taw, ob shaab ceg. Yog tsis muaj ib shaab, yuav moog tsis tau dleb. Tuam tshoj tuam tsis tau cov tim zeej. Peb tsob Mong ncau lug ua ntau ceg. Zoo le cov ntiv teg, ob txhais teg. Yog tsis muaj ib txhais, yuav tuav tsis ruaj. Yog le nub nua, Mong txivyawg Faajtim Huabtais muaj lijlim thoob theej. Lub ntuj rov tig lug txug; Peb npoj Mong yuav thooj shab koom ntsws lawm cuaj lub roob. Nam txiv Tuam Tswb Tshoj tim lwm tshoj theeb, peb tsoom Mong yuav feeb meej feeb txhua, tuam lwm tshoj theeb rov lug tuav Huabtais Faajtim lub Ntuj Jingcheng."

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