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Hlee Vang has been actively involved with the communities since 2004. She has dedicated her life as a Mong Shaman, spiritual leader, and herbalist, Hlee has spiritually helped many children, elders, and the disabled. Her service to her people is at no cost with a pure heart. She has also helped other Mong in the Mongolian community.

Hlee was a participant in Fresno Work for Better Health with Fresno Center for New America. She has experience in conducting research, gathering information and developing strategic solutions to reduce societal and institutional barriers that prevent community access to health care and economic opportunities. Currently, Hlee also has over 17 years of case management proficiency in the Housing Choice Voucher Program Section 8 with the Fresno Housing Authority. She is familiar with low-income housing issues and needs. With her dedication, she helped create and develop a leadership forum with the community. She met with city and state community leaders.

As a Loan officer and Loan Processor, Hlee interviewed potential clients and assisted them in determining and maintaining records of classified information; faxing classified documentation to banks and clients; pre-approving loans; pulling credit reports; researching for best interest rates; monitoring client progress and loan status in achieving client goals; and planning for future in investing in real property. Hlee is also licensed financial professional, a Commissions Notary Public, and a loan signing agent.

Hlee was a facilitator with Parent Institute for Quality Education where she engaged, empowered, and transformed families by assisting parents and helping prepare their children to achieve university education and understand the quality of education; creating and conducting workshops consisting of nine-week sessions; teaching parents to understand the High School system; facilitating curriculum such as identify the classes that form part of the 4-year plan; final destination the university; reviewed other important requirements and programs; discussion higher education options; and identify the different financial aid options.

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