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Mong Heritage Leadership Team

Eng Xiong is a researcher in Mong oral history and culture. He is the Chairman of the Boards for Mong Heritage.

Eng is experienced with public speaking, project management, and event planning. He is a dedicated person with a passion for community service and friendship. At President Pa Kao Her's funeral in 2002, he was a Lead in the Color Guard. Eng tirelessly advocated for the Mong Special Guerilla unit (SGU); and advocated and organized rally in support of General Vang Pao who was arrested in 2007. Eng is part of the U.S. Congress sponsorship to protect and promote freedom, democracy, and human rights.

Since 1995, Eng was a Rotary Member organizing service activities and helping children develop leadership skills. He participated in the school site council at Dunlap Elementary school and was a volunteer parent for Future Farmers of America at Sanger High School.

Eng is a farmer and sell fresh certified producers at California Farmers Markets Association in the bay area; was a franchise owner with Coverall of Fresno Cleaning Service; licensed security guard; and an investor.

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