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Mong Heritage Leadership Team

Taichiming Cha graduated from California State University of Fresno in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Computer Application Systems, Business Administration. From 1993 until 2007, Taichiming worked in the fields of software development and information system technologies.

As a Mong scholar, Tachiming had an opportunity to visit the Mong people in China and Southeast Asia in 2007. While spending time with the Mong in different regions, Mong elders told their stories differently from the histories being taught in schools. This had changed Mr. Cha's passion in life to find out the truth.

In 2008, Taichiming attended Yunnan University to study Mandarin. He has been studying and researching about Mong history and culture as well as other ethnics. Taichiming wrote the book Mong China History and Heritage Preservation.

As the Executive Director, Taichiming actively attend events to address issues related to misconceptions, ethnic oppression and exclusion against the Mong people. He is also involved with the communities to teach Mong history and culture, and to promote inclusion and equity.

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