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Other ethnic minorities' mouth jaw harps

ECHOES OF TIME from Kyrgyzstan, by Kambar Kalendarov
These people was once part of the Mong nation who settled into Central Asia.

Altai Mountain version

Siberian's Enchanting Sounds, Khomus Harp

Siberia Creative Music with the Jaw Harp by OTYKEN, STORM

A Mongolian Jaw Harp Performance

Powerful performance by UUTAi Olena, BLESSING OF NATURE

Kian Wind, a lovesong of SHAMANIC JAW HARP

Bamboo mouth harp of the Pumi people (W. Yunnan & S. Tibet)

Akha is an ethnic minority found in Yunnan, Myanmar, and Thailand mountain regions. Could these people be the earliest Mong immigrants who blended with the Southwesterners to became Akha? It is something to be discovered, and they do share the Jew's Harp.

The Kmhmu, an ethnic minority of Cambodia also have the bamboo Jew's harp. Do they have any northern descent mix? See...Angkuoch: Rediscovering the Cambodian Jew's Harp

Very interesting that an ethnic minority of Indonesia has similar bamboo jaw harp like those in Kyrgystan.
(Indoesia, South Kalimantan's Kuriding Mouth Harp)

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